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End of Season 1 FAQ
First let's start with an overview of the End of Season 1 Rewards Program
Last Updated: June 5, 2023
First let's start with an overview of the End of Season 1 Rewards Program as originally shared in our May 26th End of Week Update 
The tiers for End of Season Rewards will be:
👉 Completionist: All Season 1 Digital Cards collected
👉 Platinum: Top 50
👉 Gold: Top 250
👉 Completionist: All Season 1 Hybrid Cards collected
👉 Platinum: Top 200
👉 Gold: Top 400
Participants will receive ALL cards they are eligible for. I.E. If they qualify for a Platinum Reward Card, they will receive a Gold Reward Card as well.
The rewards will also stack! I.E. Pack redemptions are eligible for both the Platinum and Gold Reward Cards, and if you have multiples of one type, you will be eligible to redeem packs for each card held at the time of snapshot.
End of Season Reward Utility:
Prior to the release of each new collection throughout Season 2, we will take a snapshot of collectors with End of Season Rewards. This snapshot will qualify those collectors to be eligible to redeem packs from that release based on the card and mint number!
A breakdown of what that looks like with our current product mix is below:
Who is eligible? For the End of Season Snapshot Rewards?
The End of Season Rewards will be available to participants according to our Snapshot Rewards Program Terms & Conditions:  https://hro.gg/hro-snapshot-rewards-terms/
These terms dictate that an eligible participant must  enroll in the Rewards Program, which include the following steps: “To enroll as a Participant in the Program, you must create an Account, complete all required steps to enable KYC, enable two-factor authentication, and make at least one deposit in your wallet.”
Will the End of Season Snapshot be Stealth or Announced?
It will be announced... and take place on July 13, 2023 @ 5pm UTC
What is Included for Completionist Tier?
Digital (285 cards): All Digital Drop Core Collections, All Crafting Cards, All Mythic Rewards, All Hro-Tier Cards, Wonder Woman Digital Celebration, Special Edition, Badge of Honors.
Hybrid (347 cards): All Chapter Collections, All Limited-Edition Cards, Pioneer Card, Chapter 1 Reward Cards (excl. Jumbo), Chapter 1 Panel Reward Card, Genesis Limited-Edition Card, Wonder Woman Celebration (Hybrid).
The Hybrid Completionist Tier will EXCLUDE Chapter 2 and Events Reward Cards
EOS01 - Overview 05
Why are Chapter 2 and Events Reward Cards Excluded?
In effort to get our seasonality in line for the future, we are excluding the Chapter 2 & Events Collection Reward Cards from the competition as the artwork will be in development for a period of a few months after their respective June 14 and July 6 snapshots. This was a tough decision but one we ultimately feel provides the best collecting experience in the present and future.
Will multiple Completions count?
Yes! if a collector has multiple completions of the entire 2022 season they will get multiple completion awards, mint of first completion is based on leaderboard while the other is a random mint of the remaining mints left, same as Badge of Honor.
Will I be able to redeem previously released Season 2 packs (i.e. Chapter 3) as part of the End of Season Reward Utility?
Yes, but only if that collection has not had a Competition Snapshot occur yet or reward packs previously distributed. These redeemable reward packs will be distributed based upon the initial End of Season Snapshot.
Example: Chapter 3 Packs will be redeemable while Superman Universe Digital Drop (DD8) will not be redeemable as the Competition Snapshot for the DD8 collection has occurred and reward packs were previously distributed.
All future Season 2 collections released after the airdrop of End of Season 1 Reward Cards will have redeemable packs based upon the announced snapshots prior to that collection launch.
Will snapshot for Reward Pack Redemption of new collections be announced or stealth?
They will be announced.
How will the Reward Pack Redemption Process Work?
The following process will occur with the release of each new collection in Season 2.
Step 1: A new collection is launched (Hybrid or Digital)
Step 2: A Season 1 Reward Card Snapshot Date is announced in parallel with the new collection announcement
Step 3: Season 1 Reward Card occurs, eligible participants captured
Step 4: HYBRID COLLECTIONS ONLY Eligible participants are contacted to submit their shipping information by the notified date
Step 5: Digital Packs Airdropped to Hro accounts to elgible Season 1 Reward Card Snapshot participants
Hybrid Packs are shipped to addresses provided by elgible Season 1 Reward Card Snapshot participants
Will I have to pay for shipping, taxes, or fees for Hybrid Reward Packs?
We will cover all standard shipping and handling costs associated with shipping Hybid Packs to participants located in the US. Participants may incur additional international shipping and handling costs associated with shipping packs to locations outside the US outside of our control. We will not reimburse participants for those additional shipping and handling costs.
Do the reward cards stack for pack redemption utility?
Yes! All reward cards in your account will be considered eligible to redeem reward packs based upon the results of the corresponding snapshot.
How will mints be decided for the Reward Cards?
Mints will be decided according to the Season 2022 Leaderboard Position for Hybrid and Digital individually.
Is this program final?
YES! We appreciate the feedback and enthusiasm around the recent announcement of this program. While we always take it into consideration, there will be no further adjustments made to the tiers or utility for the End of Season 2022 Snapshot.
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