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Officially Licensed Hybrid Trading Cards

Chapter 4 is Live!

Your gateway to a new era

Collect, trade, buy, and compete on the web platform or download the mobile app to start unlocking the DC Multiverse!

Your gateway to a new era

Collect, trade, buy, and compete on the web platform or download the mobile app to start unlocking the DC Multiverse!

Take your fandom to the next level

Your gateway to a new era awaits! Enter the Hro community, only accessible via our unique Hro hybrid trading cards. Utilizing blockchain technology, each physical trading card is unique and unlocks a digital twin so you have 24/7 access to your collection – allowing you to buy, sell, trade, and compete with a global community of fans.

As the DC Multiverse continues to expand, don’t miss out on any of the action! Whether it’s physical Hro trading cards or their non-fungible token twins, each item shines a light on an iconic visual from the past 85+ years of DC history. And from there, your Multiverse adventures can continue to reach new heights as you trade and collect different cards in search of special rewards and experiences.

The future of collecting and trading is finally here. Welcome to the unique world of Hro.


Forge your personal legacy as you navigate the Hro platform, unlocking unique hybrid trading cards and keeping track of your collection. Scan the QR codes on the back of your physical cards to claim each one’s digital twin. And then delve deeper into DC’s Multiverse of Super Heroes and Super-Villains by engaging with other fans and growing your collection in real-time.


Who’s the biggest fan in the DC Multiverse? Seek out the rarest cards, race to the top of the community leaderboards, and unlock your chance to receive special rewards as a part of our collection drops throughout the year!


Enter the Hro marketplace to curate your collection. Inside the platform (or outside if you choose), you’ll have the chance to negotiate with buyers, sellers, and traders to track down the cards you need to complete your collection. And, within the Hro interface, you can take confidence in knowing that the blockchain technology offers you proof of authenticity as well as ownership over every asset.


Celebrating your favorite DC Super Heroes and Super-Villains has never looked quite like this! Join together with passionate fans from all around the world and take your fandom to new levels. In this next chapter of collecting, your rewards might even expand beyond the Hro platform and into the real world through money-can’t-buy items and physical experiences.

Unlock the Multiverse

Hro is excited and proud to partner with Warner Bros. and DC to create a fresh and innovative experience celebrating the DC Multiverse. Access iconic artwork in brand-new ways, get special glimpses into new/upcoming content releases, compete for rare prizes, and forge your own epic origin story as you venture deeper into the world of DC than ever before!


And this is only the beginning…


First partner announcement

We are extremely proud to announce Warner Bros. as our first partner. Keep your eyes open as we’ll announce more partners in the future.


Official Launch: Chapter 1

The first chapter of our DC Unlock the Multiverse story debuted in March 2022 both physically and digitally. Join the community, follow along on social media and see the cards from Chapter 1 on the Hro marketplace.


Digital Pack Drops

Our physical trading card twin sets are complemented by digital-only drops with additional cards that enable you to grow your collection. Each release has a special theme to take you deeper into the DC Multiverse and is available in blind packs.


Official Launch: Chapter 2

The second chapter of our DC Unlock the Multiverse story was launched in October 2022.


Official Launch: Chapter 3

The third chapter of our DC Unlock the Multiverse story was launched in March 2023.


Physical Redemption

Hybrid trading cards would not be hybrid without a physical and digital connection. We will be developing a feature that  enables you to redeem physical twins of your digital collections if you complete the entire set.

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