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Hro Team Member Collecting Policy Update
As promised, we’d like to share and explain our staff collection policy.
Dearest Hros!
As promised, we’d like to share and address the incidents that have occurred, explain our staff collection policy, and outline our plans for rebuilding integrity on our platform. This message is divided into three sections, each focusing on the past, present, and future, respectively, to provide historical context, current actions, and our direction moving forward.
Following our investigation involving Pr1d3 and our decision to sever ties with him, we also received reports of other potential instances involving the use of insider information. While the available blockchain data alone did not provide conclusive evidence for retroactive actions against our collectors, our official stance is to look forward and move ahead.
In the present, the Hro collector 'Bane' reached out proactively to collaborate with us, providing a detailed explanation and the missing context to accompany the blockchain data.  His acceptance of trades with Pr1d3 was not to seek personal gain and as a result his intention is to rectify any net benefits gained from facilitating those trades.  To fulfill this commitment, Bane will be providing 5x premium and 5x standard Superman Universe packs, which will be distributed as follows:
👉 After looking at the snapshot, we found that collector ‘sunnyislesga’ would have taken 20th place on the Hro Leaderboard for DD7 Pack Rewards.  Since he lost out on the rewards, we will be sending him 3 standard and 3 premium packs.
👉 ZenKing has already been credited packs at the time where we assessed the impact of Pr1d3 moving to the Top 20 Badge of Honor Leaderboard. 👉 We will credit a premium pack to ‘fearsimon’ who was bumped out of Top 100 Mythic Leaderboard.
👉 The remaining 1 premium and 2 standard packs will be given out in a Community Trivia on the week of June 5th, 2023.
While we know this doesn’t change the past, we’d like to leave the past and focus on what we’re doing today and the future for our collectors.
For the future, we are looking to appoint an independent third party to further ensure reward and competition integrity, and transparency. We are currently in the process of evaluating potential third-parties that we can use to do this.  We will provide more detail after a third-party is selected and we have gone through their assessment process.  
Furthermore, effective immediately, ALL staff collecting (which includes buying, selling, trading, crafting, claiming and scanning of hybrid or digital cards) will be temporarily halted until we have implemented these measures and gained the confidence to move forward. This pause will not impact cards acquired by staff members prior to this temporary freeze or staff members’ eligibility for future rewards determined by cards currently in their collection (e.g.  rewards given for having a collection of cards or a specific leaderboard position).
Your Hro Team