I certify that all information provided by me in the course of the Misprint Process is truthful and accurate.

    I acknowledge and agree that :

    • I have been properly informed and fully understand and agree with the conditions of the Misprint Process as communicated via the email "MISPRINT PROCESS - Misprints Table" and this Misprint Form;

    • the Misprint Process is completely voluntary, meaning that I am entirely free to either submit some or all of my misprints for replacement or to keep some or all of them,

    • if I want to possibly benefit from the Misprint Process, I need to submit this form at the latest by April 18th 2023;

    • each original card I send to Hro will be subject to review and validation to determine whether it is an authentic misprint. If Hro determines the card is an authentic misprint, then Hro will send me a reprinted card. If Hro determines the card is not an authentic misprint, the original card will not be eligible for the misprint claim process and neither be returned or reprinted.

    • none of the physical cards I send to Hro as part of the Misprint Process will ever be returned to me – they all will be destroyed irrespective of whether such cards are eligible to be reprinted.

    • by submitting a replacement request as part of the Misprint Process, I agree to the above.

    Your above personal data will only be used for us to be able to properly handle your misprint tickets. For more information on how Hro generally processes your personal data and on your related rights, you can view our privacy policy here