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Officially Licensed Hybrid Trading Cards

What if you had the key to unlock DC’s iconic history of Super Heroes and Super-Villains? Are you ready to collect, trade, buy, and compete to build the most epic collection? But the journey doesn’t end there…follow along all throughout the year for the chance to enjoy special rewards and experiences that’ll take you deeper into the world of DC than ever before.

Introducing Hro, a new gateway to the DC Multiverse!

Iconic collections

DC Super Heroes are timeless. They spark your imagination. They thrill you with battles of good vs. evil. And their superpowers as well as the causes they stand for on a human level inspire your dreams no matter your age or where you come from.

Now, you can immerse yourself in the DC Multiverse more than ever before!

Hro is proud to unveil its Chapter 1 collection, the first of many on the horizon, all of which will allow you to celebrate your favorite characters in entirely new ways.

For our first release, we visited every corner of the DC Multiverse with all kinds of different tiered cards that gave you the chance to curate a collection uniquely your own. We saw views of iconic Super Heroes and Super-Villains, peeked into some of comics’ most interesting gadgets/locations, immortalized some unforgettable symbols, investigated some alter egos, placed you in the middle of some heated head-to-head battles, and so much more.

Plus, the journey didn’t end there. We also celebrated the release of Warner Bros. and DC’s The Batman in our Chapter 1 launch. The movie is available now on Blu-ray/DVD and to stream digitally on HBO Max, but these special cards can welcome you back into the world of the film anytime through hi-res still photography, graphic designs, and riddles straight from the mysterious plot.

Be among the first to join the Hro revolution and step through the gateway into a new era of fandom!

Hybrid Collections

Events Collection

Dawn of DC

Released at SDCC 2023

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Events 2022

Released at SDCC 2022

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