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Unlock the Multiverse: Chapter 1

Featuring The Batman Limited-Edition Movie Cards

Officially Licensed Hybrid Trading Cards

Hro has partnered with Warner Bros. Consumer Products and DC on a series of physical and digital hybrid trading card drops. Each set will consist of special designs capturing iconic moments from the DC Multiverse’s past, present, and future.

This will create an epic journey across all of the drops, with fans joining together to collect, trade, buy, and compete as hundreds of different art pieces enter our physical and digital worlds. Be sure to pay attention to the different tiers and mint numbers outlined below because those will help determine who sits atop our community leaderboards. And what’s in it for our leaders? Collecting as many cards as possible while finding the lowest mint numbers will give users a chance to win special prizes and experiences all year long…rewards worthy of the Justice League itself!

Stay tuned for news about upcoming hybrid launches as well as additional digital-only drops celebrating even more stories from all of the different corners of the DC Multiverse.

DC Unlock the Multiverse Cards

The Batman Limited-edition movie Cards

Tier Percentage For Hybrid Chapter 1

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