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One-Time Rewards Await our Top "Super-Speed" Collectors. Ready…Set…Go!
We’re excited to share a very speedy announcement.
Greetings, Hros –
We’re excited to share a very speedy announcement. We are spicing things for our Hro Community by celebrating our Digital Drop champions. It’s time we put a unique twist on things… So, we are rewarding the top collectors for our current Digital Drop, “Super-Speed,” with a hybrid product! 
Before we jump into it, we need to remind you that the “Super-Speed” drop ends on Wednesday, August 2, 2023, so you’ll need to act super-fast!
So, what are these rewards and how can you get your hands on them? Let’s dive in…
The top 100 collectors who earn the most “Pack Open Points” at the time of the competition snapshot on August 2 at 5PM UTC, 1PM EDT will receive Hro "Chapter 3" 24-Pack Mega Booster Boxes, each containing 168 cards! 
Why are these so special, you may ask? Well, “Chapter 3” Rewards are still at stake, and our competition snapshot will be taken on August 21, 2023 to determine Rewards eligibility for those. “Chapter 3” Rewards details will be shared in the coming weeks. But in the meantime, we can confirm that there will be “Chapter 3” completion rewards and “Chapter 3” leaderboard rewards. So…these Mega Booster Boxes could help you secure your spot!
“Super-Speed” pack rippers have a chance to win multiple “Chapter 3” Mega Booster Boxes based on the amount of “Pack Open Points” earned for the “Super-Speed” digital drop. The prize breakdown for our top “Super-Speed” pack rippers is below:
  • The top “Super-Speed” pack ripper will receive
    “Chapter 3” Mega Booster Boxes
  • The 2nd top “Super-Speed” pack ripper will receive
    “Chapter 3” Mega Booster Boxes
  • The 3rd top “Super-Speed” pack ripper will receive
    “Chapter 3” Mega Booster Boxes
  • “Super-Speed” pack rippers 4-10 will receive
    “Chapter 3” Mega Booster Boxes
  • “Super-Speed” pack rippers 11-50 will receive
    “Chapter 3” Mega Booster Boxes
  • “Super-Speed” pack rippers 51-100 will receive
    “Chapter 3” Mega Booster Boxes
Reward Eligibility
Now, let’s clarify how you can get your hands on these exciting rewards… 
Rewards for this one-time prize will be determined by a “Pack Open Points'' system for "Super-Speed" collectors. These points will be determined based on the number of packs opened from July 6, 2023, when the "Super-Speed" digital drop was launched, until the time of the "Super-Speed" competition snapshot, on August 2, 2023 at 5PM UTC, 1PM EDT. 
“Pack Open Points” will be awarded as follows:
  • Each
    Premium Pack
    opened will award
    points to collectors.
  • Each
    Standard Pack
    opened will award
    point to collectors.
  • In case of any tie, the “Super Speed” pack ripper who finished opening all of their packs first will receive an additional
Once the snapshot is taken, a form will be sent to all Hros eligible to redeem one or multiple “Chapter 3” Mega Booster Boxes to collect shipping information. Shipping costs are on us!
Now, it’s time to rip open those "Super-Speed" packs.
  • Your Hro Team
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