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Introducing Hro Collection Rewards!
After over a year of planning, we are thrilled to announce the launch of the long-awaited Hro Collection Rewards.
Exciting news, Hros!
After over a year of planning, we are thrilled to announce the launch of the long-awaited Hro Collection Rewards, our newest feature addition to the Hro Snapshot Rewards Program on November 8, 2023! This update will appear on the web on November 8. The DC Cards by Hro app update will be available for download in the Apple & Google Play stores upon their approval. 
Let’s dive into everything you need to know:
What are Hro Collection Rewards? In the most basic sense, you gain Hro reward points based on completed collections and special cards!
Hro Collection Rewards allow hybrid and digital collectors to be regularly eligible to receive Hro points for “completed tiers” within sets and high-rarity cards, without the need to burn. This will initially be done via daily snapshots based on what you've completed in the app, with Hro points being awarded via daily airdrops. 
How does this impact the overall Hro platform? 
We've had great response from Collectors who enjoy Crafting and Burning their digital cards.  We've also heard feedback from hybrid-focused Collectors that they also desired ways to earn Hro points for their hybrid collections.
Hro Collection Rewards are a more balanced approach wherein both hybrid and digital collectors are rewarded for their collections by passively receiving Hro reward points. This maintains the integrity of our platform and the value of Blockchain technology to give proof of ownership and authenticity for physical collectible trading cards.
What will be considered a “completed tier”? 
A tier is considered "completed" when all cards are collected within that category or rarity tier within a given collection. Examples:
👉 Holding 10 of 10 cards from the Super Hero category in Chapter 1: Commons. 👉 Holding nine of nine Common Cards from a digital collection.
👉 Holding a unique Special Edition card placed in its own section or category in the app, such as the Pioneer Card. 
Are any Cards counted individually?
All Hro-tier and Mythic-tier cards will be counted towards Hro Collection Rewards individually.
For example, if you collected two of three Mythic-tier cards for the Chapter 1 hybrid collection, you will be eligible to receive Hro reward points for each card individually.
Will the mint numbers matter for Hro Collection Rewards?
Yes! Just like how mint numbers matter when burning digital cards because they determine the amount of Hro reward points you receive, your “completed tiers' or individual card mint numbers will determine how many Hro reward points you are eligible to be rewarded! You will have the ability to check the “Global Rank” of each tier in the new “Rewards” section in the Hro app to see how it affects the amount of Hro reward points they reward.
Will multiple “completed tiers” count? 
YES! If a collector has more than one completed tier, they will be eligible to receive Hro reward points for each one with the best cards counted for each completed tier.
How to qualify: 
  1. Enroll in the Hro Snapshot Rewards Program by completing all required steps (enable KYC, enable two-factor authentication, and make at least one deposit in your wallet).
  2. Collect and complete tiers or the qualifying individual cards, and hold them within your collection  at the time of the daily snapshot.
We will be hosting a Discord stage with Mark.Hro and Testi on Wednesday, November 8, 2024, at 12:00 p.m. PST to talk in depth about Hro Collection Rewards. 
See the Terms & Conditions of the Snapshot Rewards Program for more details on how to enroll, the Rewards Program, and eligibility for Hro Collection Rewards. https://hro.gg/hro-snapshot-rewards-terms, Discord is in no way affiliated with the Rewards Program.
As always, thank you for being a valued member of our Hro community.
Your Hro Team