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End of Week Update: May 5, 2023
Hope you have a Hroic weekend on the horizon!
Hey Hros,
Hope you have a Hroic weekend on the horizon!
1) Withdrawals: Withdrawals were re-activated on May 2 via Paypal! As reminder this is a temporary solution as we work on a permanent replacement for the Hro platform. Please see previous announcement for more details: https://discord.com/channels/902267093737676831/902268029403009034/1101535255829168269
2) Staff Collection Policy: Our team continues work on revisions to our Hro Team Member Collecting Policy.
3) India – Chapter 3: Our @India logistics team is experiencing some shipping delays outside of our control. However, we are expecting the stock to arrive shortly. We will keep you updated as soon as we have news and are able to.
4) Chapter 1 Rewards
👉 We’ve started releasing a sneak peek on IG of the first character reveal! Follow along and see if you can guess who it is! https://www.instagram.com/hrocards/
The art will be revealed over 9 posts to create it as a permanent showcase on our IG grid.
👉 Artwork for the Reward Set and Jumbo Card is well under way and in a further state of development than you will see in the sneak peek. As of right now we have 8 cards inked stage & 3 cards at full-color stage completed with 1 inks & 6 colors left!
👉 We are aiming to send out address confirmation emails for the Top 100 next week so be on the look out! Please make sure to reply promptly as this will help us facilitate delivery of your rewards.
New info received today: We are expecting the protective boxes to be delivered in the next two weeks and M-Mint sheets are being prepped for production. We anticipate being able to ship these to you by beginning of June!
5) Chapter 2 Snapshot: As a reminder the snapshot date for Chapter 2 will be June 14, 2023. Link to relevant announcement for more information. ⁠📢│announcements-and-reflections⁠
6) Events Collection & End of Season Rewards: The rewards concepts for Events Collection & End of Season 1 was officially approved, dates and details to be shared in the coming weeks!
Any Hro still missing cards or chasing low mints in effort to complete or compete will be able to find relative offerings on shop.hro.gg, at participating retailers, or on the Hro/IMX secondary market.
7) Crafting event is LIVE! Crafts will be available until the May 18th snapshot date or while supplies last.
8) We continue to work on the Digital-to-Physical Redemption program and will keep you updated as we progress. As soon as we are comfortable to communicate a timeline we will share with you.
9) Hro Reward Points: We are working in the background on new & exciting content to improve utility of Hro Reward Points. Watch out for future announcements in the coming weeks.
10) Stay tuned for the release of our exciting plans for the San Diego Comic-Con 2023 + other Hro Community events throughout the year!
Have a Hroic weekend!
Your Hro Team