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End of Week Update: May 26, 2023
With a long holiday weekend coming up we wanted to provide an update in advance of what we hope is a time full of fun, sun, friends, and family!
Hey Hros,
With a long holiday weekend coming up we wanted to provide an update in advance of what we hope is a time full of fun, sun, friends, and family!
Staff Collection Policy
Our team continues work on revisions to our Hro Team Member Collecting Policy. We will update you accordingly on progress once clear next steps are determined and ready to share.
We are actively working on a detailed announcement regarding reports made by the community as well as steps we are taking immediately and for the future.
Chapter 1 Rewards
👉The artwork for the 9-card reward set is nearly complete with minor revisions made through the end of the week. We will be submitting for final approvals early next week!
👉Uncut Sheets: We are also aiming to have the m-mint sheets produced and shipped to our Erlanger facility this week. Again, we will update you next week if we achieved that and provide an updated timeline of delivery accordingly.
If you have questions or to ensure your address was updated for the uncut sheets, please submit a ticket to https://support.hro.gg/hc/en-us/requests/new
Chapter 2 Snapshot
As a reminder the snapshot date for Chapter 2 will be June 14, 2023. Reward Structure and Tiers of Eligibility will follow the Chapter 1 program.
Reward Structure:
👉 9-card Reward Set featuring Original Art
👉 Jumbo Card showcasing all 9 cards together seamlessly
👉 Uncut Sheets for the Top 100 in the format of Holo Base (Top 25), Matte Base (Top 26-50) , Holo Movie (Top 51-75), and Matte Movie (Top 76-100).
9-Card Reward Set Tiers of Eligibility:
👉 Top 100
👉 Top 250
👉 Top 500
👉 Top 1000
👉 Top 1500
👉Top 2000
👉 Mythic Completion
👉 Common – Legendary Completion
👉 Limited Edition Movie Completion
Voting Process & Character List: We have proposed a change to the voting process with the mission to allow us to develop artwork soon after future collections are released in an effort to facilitate a better collecting experience. This process is in review and as a result we are holding the announcement of the character list for Chapter 2 rewards in parallel with a definitive update on the confirmed voting process for Chapter 2.
Events Collection Snapshot
Snapshot date will take place on July 6!
  • There will be 3 Tiers of Reward Cards: Completion, Top 150, and Top 300
  • The Top 150 & Top 300 cards will feature original art with a character selection vote to select two of six available characters
  • The Completion Reward Card is pre-selected and finalized already
  • The Top 25 will receive Holographic Uncut Sheets and the Top 26-50 will receive Matte Uncut Sheets!
End of Season Rewards
The tiers for End of Season Rewards will be:
👉 Completionist: All Season 1 Digital Cards collected
👉 Platinum: Top 50
👉 Gold: Top 250
👉 Completionist: All Season 1 Hybrid Cards collected
👉 Platinum: Top 200
👉 Gold: Top 400
Participants will receive ALL cards they are eligible for. I.E. If they qualify for a Platinum Reward Card, they will receive a Gold Reward Card as well.
The rewards will also stack! I.E. Pack redemptions are eligible for both the Platinum and Gold Reward Cards, and if you have multiples of one type, you will be eligible to redeem packs for each card held at the time of snapshot.
End of Season Reward Utility:
Prior to the release of each new collection throughout Season 2, we will take a snapshot of collectors with End of Season Rewards. This snapshot will qualify those collectors to be eligible to redeem packs from that release!
A breakdown of what that looks like with our current product mix is below:
DD8 Update
👉  Superman Universe Mythic Rewards - We're in the final stages of approval for these and are looking forward to sharing and dropping these to your accounts in the near future.
👉  Superman Universe Badge of Honor - Gentle reminder that this will remain a stealth snapshot and to be taken in the future.  Snapshot results will be announced once the snapshot has taken place.
Crafting Puzzle Results
This week marked our first Crafting Puzzle launch! Sharing with you initial statistics as-of Thursday afternoon.
👉 Over 2200 Top-Left pieces collected so far out of 4000 available
👉8.2M + Hro Points Spent
👉117 Cards Burned
Withdrawals were re-activated on May 2 via PayPal! Gentle reminder, it takes 10-20 business days to process the requests.  This is a temporary solution as we work on a permanent replacement for the Hro Platform.  Please see previous announcement for more details: https://discord.com/channels/902267093737676831/902268029403009034/110153525582916826
Have a great weekend!
Your Hro Team
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