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End of Week Update: April 21, 2023
Another week is in the books! Here are updates on key priorities.
Another week is in the books! Here are updates on key priorities: 
1) Withdrawals: We are still on schedule to have a solution implemented by end of month and will provide a further update next week.   
2) Staff Collection Policy: The investigation into the events that unfolded this week continue. We will provide an update upon completion of the investigation and determination of appropriate actions shortly.  
3) Chapter 2 Snapshot: As a reminder the snapshot date for Chapter 2 will be June 14, 2023. Link to relevant announcement for more information. https://discord.com/channels/902267093737676831/902268029403009034/1095745713012486305  
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4) Chapter 1 Rewards 
👉 Artwork for the Reward Set and Jumbo card is in the next phase of development, inking. We have seen progress of this exciting stage of development and are very happy with the direction it is heading. We are working hard to be able to share a sneak peek preview of one of the cards with our community in a manner that works for all involved parties.  
👉 Uncut Sheet Boxes: We have received an updated estimated delivery date from the box vendor for mid-May. They are working to accelerate that timeline and we are preparing everything on our end to pack-out and ship ASAP upon receipt and quality inspection of the sheets & boxes.  
5) The next crafting event is viewable in the app and will take place on Tuesday, April 25.  
6) Events Collection Rewards: Announcement is in the works, pending final approvals of the rewards concept. We look forward to sharing with you the snapshot date and details as soon as we can upon receipt of the final stage approvals.  
7) REMINDER: End of Season 2022 Rewards for Hybrid and Digital Collections are in the pipeline and will be announced as soon as they are officially approved. As previously announced, the snapshot will be communicated ahead of time to give clear guidance for all Hros.  
Any Hro still missing cards or chasing low mints in effort to complete or compete will be able to find relative offerings on shop.hro.gg, at participating retailers, or on the Hro/IMX secondary market. 
8) Beginning today on Shop.hro.gg we will offer free shipping through the end of April.  
For Domestic orders to USA with $250 order min: FreeShippingApril23US 
For International orders to UK or Canada with $750 order min: FreeShippingApril23INTL  
Have a Hroic weekend! 
-Your Hro Team