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Two Years of Hro
Today marks Hro’s second anniversary…and what an incredible two years it has been!
Today marks Hro’s second anniversary…and what an incredible two years it has been! This year, we have brought some game-changing features into the platform, but we are most proud of you, our collectors.
We have forged a tight-knit community over the past two years, and we are grateful for your overwhelming love and support for us as we continue to revolutionize the collecting experience. Your feedback has been integral to our journey from day one, so we hope that you are also proud of what we’ve achieved, because you’ve helped shape Hro alongside us.
As a token of our appreciation, we are offering a 20% discount off all items on shop.hro.gg that have not been previously discounted, from now until Tuesday, March 12 at 10:00am PST. AND: if you log in to the Hro mobile app, a special quest is waiting for you as well.
Now, let’s take a walk down memory lane and highlight some of our achievements over the past year:
  • Introduced our biggest feature update: Hro Collection Rewards
  • Introduced original artwork across 54 trading cards into our collections 
  • Delivered our first Jumbo Rewards Cards
  • Delivered 250+ uncut sheets and streamlined the fulfillment process
  • Delivered 1,000+ Rewards packs from multiple collections
  • Introduced the Mega Card and printed our first hybrid Hro-tier card
  • Introduced two Mythic Rewards Challenges
  • Met with fans at festivals around the world, including: San Diego Comic Con, New York Comic Con, Cardtopia, MCM Comic Con London, The London Card Show, Cannes International Games Festival, Gala TCG Paris, Paris Fan Festival, Paris Manga and Caggtus Leipzig.
  • Hosted our first-ever sketch and signing with Eduardo Mello, who created original art for Hro
  • Platform is now live in 10 countries, including: USA, UK, Belgium, France, Germany, India, Canada, Brazil, Spain, and Netherlands 
  • Reached 219,853 total digital packs opened
  • Reached 9.5K+ KYC'd collectors in Hro Platform
  • Reached 746K+ Trades initiated on Hro Platform
  • Reached 682K+ Market Transactions on Hro Platform
  • Reached 7.7M cards in collector's accounts
  • Reached 7M+ total cards scanned 
Thank you so much for an incredible year, and for being valued members of our community.
With Great Gratitude,