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Unveiling Hro's Updated Voting Process
We’re excited to share a refresh of our voting process for Rewards!
We’re excited to share a refresh of our voting process for Rewards! Starting with Chapter 4, the nine individual Rewards Cards will be assigned based on a one-round voting process! Here’s how it will work:
Tiers of Eligibility:
There will be nine different groups of voters starting with recipients of the rarest Rewards Card (Tier 1) and extending to Hros who've received the most common Rewards Card (Tier 9). The card counts per tier will vary per collection.
For example, this is the breakdown of the tiers for Chapter 4:
  • Tier One: Top 100 Leaderboard, Hro Tier (100 mints)
  • Tier Two: Mythic Completion, Hro Tier (192 mints)
  • Tier Three: Top 250 Leaderboard, Mythic Tier (250 mints)
  • Tier Four: Top 500 Leaderboard, Mythic Tier (500 mints)
  • Tier Five: Common - Legendary Completion, Mythic Tier (756 mints)
  • Tier Six: The Flash Limited-Edition Movie Completion, Mythic Tier (906 mints)
  • Tier Seven: Top 1,000 Leaderboard, Mythic Tier (1,000 mints)
  • Tier Eight: Top 1,500 Leaderboard, Legendary Tier (1,500 mints)
  • Tier Nine: Top 2,000 Leaderboard, Legendary Tier (2,000 mints)
Artwork Ranking Vote:
  • There will be nine unique character designs available. Each card can only be assigned to one tier. 
  • Every voter, regardless of their tier of eligibility, will be invited to choose which of those nine character designs would be their preference to receive (ranking their favorite design as their #1 choice and designating others accordingly through #9). This ensures that there will only be one round of voting before assignments are determined.
Assignment of Character Cards:
  • When this single round of voting is complete, then each tier will be assigned its card design, which will be based on whichever selection received the most "#1" votes from the Hros in that specific tier (subject to availability). As each assignment is made, those respective cards will then be removed from the pool for the remaining tiers, who will receive their runner-up selections accordingly (subject to availability).
  • Voters in Tier 9 do not need to participate in the vote because they will receive the final remaining character design.
In other words, voters in more exclusive tiers have a greater chance of receiving their #1 selections.
We hope that this revised voting process will simplify and enhance the Hro experience for all of our valued collectors!
-Your Hro Team
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