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Hybrid Collections
Chapter 4
October 2023
Featuring The Flash Limited-Edition Movie Cards
Chapter 3
March 2023
Featuring Shazam! Fury of the Gods Limited-Edition Movie Cards
Chapter 2
October 2022
Featuring Black Adam Limited-Edition Movie Cards
Chapter 1
March 2022
Featuring The Batman Limited-Edition Movie Cards
Limited-Edition Hybrid Collection
"Vintage DC Comic Covers"
Releasing January 24, 2024
DC "Selfie Moments"
Released at New York Comic-Con 2023
"Dawn of DC"
Released at San Diego Comic-Con 2023
"Events 2022"
Released at San Diego Comic-Con 2022
Iconic Collections
DC Super Heroes are timeless. They spark your imagination. They thrill you with battles of good vs. evil. And their superpowers as well as the causes they stand for on a human level inspire your dreams no matter your age or where you come from.
Now, you can immerse yourself in the DC Multiverse more than ever before!
DC - Chapter 3 - Multiverse Card - Mythic - Darkseid
DC - Chapter 3 - Multiverse Card - Legendary - Batgirl
DC - Chapter 2 - Multiverse Card - Mythic - Aquaman
DC - Chapter 2 - Multiverse Card - Legendary - Dr Light
DC - Chapter 1 - Multiverse Card - Mythic - Wonder Woman
DC - Chapter 1 - Multiverse Card - Legendary - The Joker
DC - Artwork - Superman
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